Heres the other two character studies AND including a group shot of the main/supporting cast of my CreepyTown series (the creepypasta monsters not included here will still be included into my series so don’t worry) That was drawn using Art Academy:Sketchpad for the WiiU. 

((Also sorry for the quality of these, the only way tumblr would accept such a large file is to put them as a jpg))

I’ve returned with more Character studies! This time I’ve created the character studies of 3 of the main cast of CreepyTown; SlenderMan, BENDROWNED and Jeff the Killer. All of these studies have mini notes on how their drawn (in my certain styles) and include MY headcanons. 

Also included is a drawing of Ticci Toby I drew on the WiiU :D (This is the reason for its poor quality)

**Edit**: Heres a link to my DA So you can see the two other Character Studies I couldn’t include here.